'The perfect fit is just a phone call away.'

Watson's Saddle Service offers saddle consults and top quality saddles for sport horses in the Netherlands.

'It is my great passion to offer new levels of balance, comport and performance to riders and there horse.'

Sonya van der Lubben-Watson 

MSFC-Certified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant


Saddle consults

As a rider, you want the best for your horse. Therefore a perfectly fitting saddle is crucial for you. When you want to know if your current saddle is fitting, a consult can provide you with the right answers. 


Adjustments & repairs

Adjustments to the panels could be enough to refit your current saddle. A partial fill can be done on-site allowing you to keep training. A complete refill or repairs will be done in our workshop.


Frank Baines  custom-made saddles

We offer a collection of modern or classic styled saddles, fully customized to the exact measurements of your horse and your personal build. Hand made in England, high quality and with many styling options in materials and colours to create your own personal touch.


When do you call Watson's?

When you notice one of the issues below on your horse, it might be due to a poorly fitting saddle. A quick and simple solution to rule out any influence of your saddle is to have it checked by a certified saddle fitting consultant.

Behavioural problems


• Bucking, rearing and balting
• Ears back or biting when brushing back
• Ears back or biting when being girth up
• Not wanting to roll or can't rollover

Visible problems


• Back sores
• White hairs
• Muscle waste under the saddle

Training problems


• Problems with changes
• Difficulties in transitions
• Reluctant to collect
• Refusing fences